Monday, March 26, 2007

Wading Bird-Animal Art

Oil on 9x12 panel. Here's one from awhile back. I liked the warm golds contrasting with the blues in the subject.
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    1. This is beautifully done.
      I particularly love the structure of the grasses and lines around the feet, leading into and up the body of the bird and into the rest of the painting. Every stroke there means something and has a direction.
      I too am an admirer of 'the master', Richard Schmid and his equally proficient wife Nancy Guzik.

    2. Hi,Mary! Thanks for your thoughtful comment.I checked out your blog and had a look at your fine work. I noticed a Camille Przewodek influence in your use of colorization. I have always admired her work.

    3. I too, was tickled to see your comment on my Rubber Duckie.
      I am quite honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as Camille and I thank you.


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